Pink Slip Car Sydney

A pink slip inspection is a roadworthiness or safety report which shows your car is ready for the road. Mainly it is required in New South Wales. The Pink Slip is also known as an e-Safety check. When your vehicle passes a pink slip check it means your mechanic electronically sends the safety check report to the RTA.

If you are using a vehicle from more than five years will require a pink slip. So whenever you need an emergency service for pink slip car in Sydney we Shreeji Automotive have a handpicked team. Our team will inspect your vehicle in between 15-20 minutes. We provide a Pink Slip car service for petrol cars, diesel cars, and natural gas cars. 

Shreeji Automotive is an authorized vehicle inspection station in Sydney. Get the best pink slip car in Sydney by booking your service with us. You can call us on 02 8664 2488 and  Visit us our Website So, book your car in for an inspection with Shreeji Automotives Today.