Tips for Taking Care of your Open-air Cars Convertible Top

07th February 2019

Most people fall in love with the open-air vehicles — specifical ones with soft-tops. With the excitement, you keep your vehicle tip-top shape for as long as possible. While doing that the inside detailed and the exterior clean and save it from blemishes is important to keeping your open-air car looks like new, it is essential, not to disregard the care of your convertible top. Keeping the fabric clean through regular washing, will enhance the life and beauty of the convertible top with soft-top material. 

Here are Tips to Ensure your Open-Air Vehicles Convertible Top Look Top Notch All Year Long.

  • One of the first tip to maintaining your convertible top is giving it a good cleaning. Start by removing pollen and dirt with a vacuum brush. To remove grease or ground on debris you can apply a cleaner or scrub made for convertible tops, which are easily available online. 
  • By using some soft bristle brush to aid the lifting of soil out of the material. For cloth tops, Stiff brushes can abrade the fiber and distort the weave, it also shortens the life of the roof. And for vinyl tops, to clean unique grain on the outer surface gentle scrubbing with the embossed pattern can works. 
  • Keep the top up air dry so you can maintain the best appearance. 
  • Give a hand wash to the soft-top in the shade for the best results. Just make sure that the sunny spot won’t allow any kind of cleaning or drying process. 
  • Do not use any kind of top dressing cleaners or conditioner containing organic solvents, silicones, petroleum distillates or plasticizers as using it may permanently harm the top materials vinyl coating. 

Try the above tips to keep your open-air car convertible top looking newer and in great condition as long as you can. Keep in mind that, the more often you maintain your convertible top, the less likely damage is to occur. Overall of this, I suggest you take your vehicle to the professional automotive center so they check the top and give the professional service to the convertible top. Shreeji Automotive - Smash Car Repairs in Sydney and Car Repair Australia provides professional service in Australia. To clean your convertible top in Australia contact Shreeji Automotive - smash car repairs in Sydney and car repair Australia call on +61 0286642488 or Email us