Professional Internal and External Process of Car Detailing Service

21st September 2018

People usually think that car detailing means just to get the car a bright paint, decals and various types of vinyl. But it is not enough for explaining car detailing. The proper meaning is that it is a complete cleaning of a car with the intention of giving the look as good as possible from the inside and out too!

This is the fact that every car detailer has their own different approach of car detailing. But when people raise questions of what car detailing consists of, the most of the steps consisted are almost the same as car detailing in Sydney, Brisbane, and Adelaide. The approved treatment is to clean each part of the car from inside and out. Though it needs the multi-step process. Both interior and exterior have their own steps. let us examine both the terms and its step.


Exterior detailing is somehow important because it can be seen from outside and this only makes an impression. So, car detailers have to focus on the look and make it good as when it was brand new. While Repainting the car, the detailer has to work on the wheels, windows, tires, and rims for making it look best. While this stage, dirt, grease, blemishes are get removed with the help of detergents and degreasers for making it the cleanest.

Standard Exterior Process,

  • Wash & Dry

It starts with high-powered wash, addition with handwashing with a temperate soap and then dries.

  • Clay

In this stage, the detailer uses clay for eliminating the traces of overspray and various different particles which couldn't eliminate on its own by the customer.

  • Polish

It's common that a car loses its shine over time. So renewing it, paint coating is applied in this stage.

  • Seal

It ends with the application of sealant for giving the car shine. In a few cases, detailers apply wax on the surface.


Ever thought about why a car's interior part is important? If yes then let me know you this fact that the detailers spend much money on its interior part, sometimes more than the outside. A car detailer has many tools for cleaning the interior part in their direction. The car detailing in Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide professionally deep clean the parts with the collection of vacuums, steam cleaners, and brushes which an individual may not able to clean on their own.

Standard Interior Process,

  • Vacuuming

It starts with the use of a vacuum. Including with the glove section and trunk, all the areas of the car gets cleaned.

  • Brushing/Scrubbing/Shampooing

In this stage, the carpets and mats get a complete scrubbing and brushing. The aim is to eliminate the blemishes and stains which a regular wash can't raise.

  • Wiping/Re-vacuuming

The next focus on the windows, dashboard and door panels. They wipe all these which brings a new shine to the interior look.

  • Deodorizing

This ends with spraying the inside parts of the car which includes a delightful fragrance. These fragrances come in different variety which client has to choose on their own.