Monthly Car Maintenance Checklist to Prevent Costly Breakdown Service

15th November 2018

Almost 20 to 50 million people in a year get hurt in a car accident. The worst thing is that many of the accidents could not get prevented with proper car breakdown service maintenance. People think that car maintenance is not affordable but a proper care can prevent costly breakdown services. There is no doubt that there are not good car breakdown service available but when you can neglect this breakdown service by proper care then why should wasting money over this. So here is a checklist which everyone should do for your vehicle:

1. Remember about tires

If you are also that type of person who only cares about the tires when they are in serious problem, then let we aware you that you're going to face some big troublesome. If the tires don't have sufficient air in them, you will end up giving more pressure on your brakes. Over the time, it will be difficult and harder to make it stop which indirectly means that the encounter with accidents is likely to happen or completely failing of brakes.
So, periodically rotate your tires so they can last longer.

2. Keep your battery clean

It is so simple to clean the battery with the method and the required needs also. If you have got some baking soda and a toothbrush, by these two you can clean it perfectly. Mainly during the summer season, when the temperature gets high than the mechanisms inside the battery of the car starts burning, so it is very important to clean it. By using a glass full of water and a teaspoon or some of baking soda, lightly scrub the terminals of the battery.

3. Know the perfect time for an oil change

This is so worst that many people over-oil their vehicles, which is apparently a huge wastage of money. About every 3000 miles, once the oil should get changed. But for modern cars, it is not required now necessary. Still, for making sure about when you should really change the oil, you should review the owner's manual for that.

4. Listen up

It is possible that your car sends a signal when something went wrong and at that time one should not neglect it. Get the car check out when it begins squeaking or making annoying noises. Probably, the belt of your engine has become worn down which can wreak destruction on your engine. The worse is while driving, your car gets shut down. Luckily, it’s not costly to repair the belt of your engine.

5. Keep an eye on your coolant

For saving money, one should properly oil his car, for example, if your engine oil is low, you could have a serious loss on your hands. If you get it early, you’ll save thousands of dollars. Doing all these will help you in making your engine suffer free from a build-up of oils and chemicals.            

Lastly, make sure to constantly keep an eye on the level of coolant in your car. If it gets too low, you’ve likely got a loss in your radiator. This can make your engine to overheat and you don’t require the expense of buying a new engine.