How to Fix an Engine Oil Leakage in Car

11th January 2019

When you’re traveling for an important meeting or traveling with family, it can be frustrating of facing an oil leak because of many potential culprits. Also, the exact causes can be difficult to diagnose at home on a vehicle, most leaks can be fixed through simple, or regular maintenance. 

How to Check for Leaks

To check the oil leaks, keep a close eye on cool engine oil dipstick if you see the level of oil dropping over time that provides that your oil is losing from your vehicle. Also, by seeing the blue smoke coming from the tailpipe while driving the vehicle or while driving if you smell and burning oil it indicates towards leakage of oil. For more, you can also check for the classic oil stains under the compartment of the engine, especially after sitting overnight. You can also put newspaper or tin foil under your vehicle overnight and check it in the morning if there are any stains on it or not. Brown liquid on paper indicates an engine oil leakage, the red shows transmission fluid, and orange or green is coolant oil.

How to Fix an Engine Oil Leak

Small oil leakage fixing can cost you an expensive proposition when you visit commercial vehicle repairs or commercial vehicle services, provider. Replacing a leaky engine gasket commonly cost you in the hundreds to even over a thousand dollars. Taking apart an engine and arranging it back together as it was before is not an easy task. With the help of Shreeji Automotive, you can stop the leakage of engine oil under the low cost. Shreeji Automotive no like any other commercial vehicle repairs or commercial vehicle services provider, they have a special talented team of expert and well-trained workers. All you need to so is taking your vehicle at nearest Shreeji Automotive center. 

The team of engineers finds and solve the leakage then you can drive the car as normal as it was before a few days. For more cost-benefits, check the different offers and deal with commercial vehicle repairs provided by Shreeji or you can contact the team by dialing +61 02 8664 2488