Driving Tips in Australia as Overseas Tourists

21st December 2018

Australia has some of the most beautiful and unique natural wonders. Many visitors from overseas come to explore the sights and destinations. And there’s no better way to explore such beautiful sights than to drive around. Driving in Australia or any of other country seems difficult for the first time. So, we've gathered and put a few tips and myths for your better driving experience for the first time in Australia.

Here are Few Tips for Driving in Australia: 

Driving on the Left: 

If you’re from the places such United States, Germany and any other part of Europe, there are people used to drive on the right-hand side but here in Australia, people drive on the left-hand side of the road.  First concerns, Aussies always drive on the left side of the road, whether it's a lane or a highway unless they're overtaking! It often becomes challenging for right-hand side driver to get used to these rules. Also, you can use car rental, fleet vehicle management service with the well-trained chauffeur. 

Watch out for the Trams: 

Australia has trams in it three of the major cities Adelaide, Melbourne, and Sydney in which they are the most, and at the same time, they're populated. Trams always go in the right of way, just make sure you slow down while it empty passengers from it!

Speed Limits: 

The speed limits on freeways and highways are 100km/hr in most of the states in Australia. Cities which are not that much populated has the speed limits in 50-80 km/hr. But do not stress, because every speed indications and traffic indications are clearly visible, it also includes speed sensors. So, just follow the rules.

Safety Belts:

Just make sure that everyone is wearing the seatbelts when you're driving!! Or you and the person could be fined for not wearing the seat belt. 

Drink Driving: 

This is the most serious notes in the Australian driving laws. Police are independent to check on the random bases for the breath tests which is sometimes called "Booze buses". Just make sure that the ratings should come below 0.05 or just avoid drinking while driving.

Converting of Foreign License: 

Anyone visiting Australia from overseas can usually drive the vehicle using it overseas license of the same class. If however, you're arriving in Australia on the permanent visa or permanent resident then your overseas license is only valid for three months maximum. So, Just make sure that you give the simple verbal test over there for obtaining an Australian driving license.  

Here are some driving rules and regulations you need to keep in mind while driving in Australia. All these rules are imposed to keep you and your family safe while traveling through the road. Also, you can reduce the chances of any road accident by hiring car rental, fleet vehicle management service along with the well-trained chauffeur in Australia.