Diesel vs. Gas: Which is the Better Fuel for Car Engine?

22nd January 2019

Both diesel and gasoline engines convert chemical energy into mechanical energy with the series of explosions from fuel. The way these series of explosions happen is the major difference between these two engines, 

The explosion process in a gasoline engine,

  • Intake stroke - the air mixed with the fuel
  • Compression stroke - as the mixture of air and fuel is compressed the piston goes up
  • Ignition stroke - air and fuel is ignited through the use of a spark plug
  • Exhaust stoke - pushes exhaust through the exhaust valve when the piston goes up

The explosion process in a diesel engine, 

  • Intake stroke -  piston goes down, the intake valve opens, the air in 
  • Compression stroke -  air compressed, the piston goes up
  • Combustion stroke - piston goes down, fuel is injected, ignition
  • Exhaust - pushes exhaust through the exhaust valve, the piston goes up

Here’s the difference between Gasoline and Diesel engines,


Diesel is one of the first choices of most of the consumer as who will be putting mostly highway miles in their vehicles. When you drive on the highway, diesel engines are more efficient than the normal gasoline-fueled cars or trucks. This is because diesel fuel generates more energy than gasoline, a gallon of diesel fuel can generate up to 30 percent more energy than a gallon of gas. Also, when you drive in the city area, where the gap between diesel and gasoline diminishes but diesel holds a bit more benefit in the better mileage.


Also, a survey from Partial Engine Rebuild Services providers says that a car and small trucks which runs on diesel surprisingly perform better than gasoline powered engines. The Partial Engine Rebuild Services providers also say that performance suffers in diesel engines when black diesel, bio-diesel or other types of advanced diesel fuel is the fuel you choose to run on your vehicle. 

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