Blue Slip & Pink Slip Inspections in Sydney

03rd December 2018

What is a Pink Slip Inspection?

For over five-year-old vehicle a pink slip inspection is required if you’re traveling in NSW - New South Wales. Pink slip inspection includes checking tires of your vehicle, lights, brakes, wipers, airbags, seat belt and many more. This safety inspection is required by the RMS that your vehicle is safe to drive in Australian roads. If your vehicle fails the inspection, you get 14 days to fix and repair it back to issue the pink slip at no extra charges.

Some of you also know pink slip as an ASCIS (Authorised Safety Check Inspection Scheme) Inspection Report. It is highly recommended in preparation of Pink slip inspection that all compliance plates and identifying numbers are easily visible. If the inspector won’t clearly see the plates or numbers because of the grease, oil, dirt, mounts, etc. For that, the inspector changes you extra, so before going clean and confirm these numbers.

What is a Blue Slip Inspection?

Blue slip or AUVIS (Authorised Unregistered Vehicle Inspection Scheme) Inspection Report required for if the vehicle registration expired more than three months ago. Also, when you transferring your registration from another state, written off vehicle checks, needing adjustment of records or for clearance of design based defects. For a blue slip, you need to inspect all vehicle safety, design check and identity check of your vehicle. It includes checking of lights of your vehicle, brakes, oil leaks, seat belts, suspension and confirmation of engine numbers and VIN/ Chassis number. In case, if your vehicle fails the inspection, you get 42 days to fix and repair it back to issue the pink slip at no additional charges.

Unlike Pink slip inspection, blue slip inspection requires the inspection of all compliance plates and identifying numbers. So before taking your vehicle for inspection make sure that you clean and confirm these numbers to prevent from extra charges. 

Here the difference between Pink slip and Blue slip, 

  • Pink slip is a road-worthiness or it is a safety inspection report for registered vehicle in NSW while Blue slip is a full inspection report of your vehicle.
  • Pink slip is required for all vehicle that is more than five years old and blue slip is required if you are selling the car without registration or your rego has been expired for more than 3 months. 
  • A pink slip is valid for 30 days and blue slip is valid for 28 days from the date of issue
  • There is one thing which is common in a pink slip and blue slip. If you don’t pass your pink slip or blue slip your car is deemed un-registered. If your vehicle is a pink slip or blue slip unregistered vehicle carefully drive your vehicle whenever you drive it to and from inspection center and home or to a specialist repairer. If you are caught driving a pink slip or blue slip unregistered vehicle you need to play a large amount of fine and it can create trouble in your registration process.