5 Tips to Keep your Car Looking Brand-New

11th February 2019

Once you take your new car at home, we all want that the Car will always look younger all the time from paintwork to its looks. For that, some people park the car far from where they need to be, just so other inconsiderate owners don’t open their cars doors into yours. But this is not enough, sometimes we make the most basic mistakes when it comes to keet the cars looking like brand new. 

Here are some important tips that can guide you about how to keep your car looking brand new.
Wash It Regularly

Give your car a regular routine of the bath once a week to remove any dirt or grime that it may have picked up on road. Use a soap that won’t be too harsh on your car paint. Also, use a separate rag to clean your car’s wheels to avoid rubbing brake dust into the surface. 

Keep it Cool

Make sure before washing your can, it is cooled down and parked in the shade. As heat can actually soften the paint, and by washing the car it can lead to easier scratches. To clean your car on regular bases you can spray the car down with a trigger nozzle, this will get rid of a large percentage of the dirt and protect your car from damage happens during the washing. 
Dry Your Car Properly

After giving your car a wash, clean it with some good drying tool such as a sponge, which can draw water away from the car’s paint. As letting the car drip-dry in the sun is not good for its paint job. 

Remove Any Splotches Immediately

Remove the splotches such as tree sap, bird dropping, and much more immediately because it can become much harder to remove after they dry and set. Also, they contain acids that can affect your car’s paint surface. By using a rag with soap and a lot of water scrub it away before it causes damage to your car’s paint.

Know your Car’s Waxing Time

Wax is a protective coat for car’s paint and over with the time it breaks down. It should be applied every three to six months such as before winter, before summer. Waxing service by professions can last longer than doing it at home. Also, there are lots of service provider of car detailing services in Sydney.

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