5 Full Car Repairing Services Offered by the Shreeji Automotive

18th September 2018

Car detailing services help your car to keep it in excellent condition and hence hold more resale value. The professional car repairer uses special tools which will clean your car or any vehicle's dirt and road grime, both cleaned inside and out perfectly. Although there are many best car repair services in Australia which are appreciated by all. The wish of everyone having a very clean car is still a challenge because not all car repair gives full services which the ordinary individual is unable to know. So here are the car repair services in Australia which fully offered by the automotive industry in Australia

1.Interior Detailing

It includes the cleaning of each carpet and seat covers. This all is done by using steam cleaner and by shampoo. They perfectly clean all the plastics and vinyl, also clean and conditioned the interior leather part of the car. Not only the seating area but they also include the trunk area.  

2.Body frame and wheels

The perfect repairer will clean the body frame and the undercarriage of your car with the rest exterior parts. This includes the part under the car and the inner part of the wheel wells.  All this wheel wells are washed perfectly before dressing them with the protectant by them. Washing before dressing develops lustre which saves the car from corrosion and cracking. With that, they dressed the inner fender liners and plastic splash guards with the plastic protectant. 


The most Important thing is paint on which the exterior look of the car depends. The first step of painting is cleaning which includes proper washing and drying the car for eliminating any grime and dirt. After this step, Clay bar applications come which eliminates the contaminants in the clear coat like metal particles, industrial fallout, dirt and tar. After all this gets done, the paint will be polished to eliminate any scratches or marks before being fixed with the waxing for the protection of the paint and help it to shine.

4.Engine Bay

Many repairer services do not consist of this but it is very important for the automotive detailing. It is lightly showered with water and then cleaned with a proper degreaser before being washed clean. All plastic, silicone and rubber parts should be dressed for its protection from cracking after once it gets dried.
5. Headlights, Taillights and Exterior Trim

Many repairing services provided by automotive industry in Australia apply a polish on the parts of headlights and taillights which shows the signs of oxidation but fixing it properly after that is the very important step which many misses to do. Chrome trim should be clean because it is important and in terms of plastics and rubbers, many detailer services offer to clean these chrome which is the part of their services.