3 Ways you can Fix your Car Hail Damage After Storms

14th December 2018

1. Heating And Cooling Method
- Park your Vehicle in a Sunny Area
This technique is popular among automotive enthusiasts, park your car in a sunny area. Heat will inevitably cause the metal surface to expand and a dent will pop out. To remove shallow and light dents put the car in a sunny area, if you’re in a cold place this takes a long time for you but, it will definitely work.
- Using Hot Air To Fix The Dents
If direct sunlight is not working on the dent, use a hair dryer to heat the specific area. Point the hair dryer 4-6 inches away (depends on the size of a dent) for about two to three minutes intervals. Once a dent area change it’s temperature the dent will pop out. If the paint color on the car starts discoloring immediately stop applying heat and take your car to the garage to remove the dent. 
- Apply Dry Ice to the Dents
The drastic change in temperature of the dent by applying dry ice is an effective way of fixing hail damage. As a change in temperature of the dent can force it to pop out. Things you need for this is a glove to handle dry ice and obviously a dry ice. Move the dry ice around the dent to cool the surface rapidly. Using dry ice to remove hail dents on your car can be fun but it can not work on all the dents. 
2. Use Dent Removal Tools/ Kits
This second way to remove dent is for small dents on your car hood. You can buy a car dent removal kit which is easily available at any local auto moto supply store or you can order it online. Each kit includes several stems for variously sized dents, a knockdown tool, a glue gun. The results can maybe surprise you but this kits work very well and give you smooth, professional results at home. But If you’re looking to smoothen deep and large dents then we recommend you to take your car to the garage as repairing kits are made to fix small dents and on large dents, it might cause even
3. Sending Your Car To A Garage
All the above techniques will help you in smoothening small dents on your car after a hail storm. But for large, deep dents or terrible Hail Damaged Repair we recommend you to take a professional job at a garage.  Shreeji Automotive offer a Hail Damaged Repair service in Australia, fix your hail damaged car with a quite cheap price and fast service. For terribly damaged surface sometimes require a new paint job. Book your hair repair service at Shreeji Automotive online to get best offers on car service. Email us on or give us call on 02 8664 2488 to speak with our hail damage specialists.