10 Tips Regarding How to Save Money on Gas for Your AC Car

13th November 2018

10 Tips to save money on Gas while driving your AC Car,

1. Buy the Gas Early or Late in the Day

After analyzing, it’s proven that Gas is cooler early in the days and denser in the warm months. With the rising temperatures, gas density falls and you get less gas when you pump it into your AC car. Also, park your car under the shade, a car parked directly in the sunlight would evaporate gasoline even as it is trapped safely inside the tank. 

2. Slow Down and Drive within the Speed Limits

As driving a car at a consistent speed help you in saving gas. Slow down your car from some distance before bringing the car to a complete stop. Driving below the speed limit and driving smoothly uses gas more efficiently.

3. Warm up your can for Shorter Lengths of Time

If you’re leaving at any cold place or the weather in the morning is cold, and your need to warm-up your car engine; just make sure that doesn’t warm up the car for longer than 30 seconds. Modern cars engines do not require the extensive length of time to warm up. If you idle the car engine for more than a minute, it wastes your gas/fuel and creates harmful greenhouses gas into the air. 

4. Drive Less or Turn Off the Engine

There are numbers of reason why people should drive less. By combining your errands into one trip or by carpooling one can help in rising cost of gasoline in the slumping economy. Also, consider walking or use a bicycle for nearby pickups rather than using the drive-thru. 

5. Don’t Fill until your Tank is almost Empty to Fill up

Wait until your tank is almost or about to empty. The best time to fill up gas or fuel is when you are almost out of gas or fuel. With that, your car would definitely be getting better mileage and help you in the same gas.

6. Keep the Tires Properly Inflated

During the season when the weather in Australia shifts drastically, check your car tires every two weeks. As properly inflated tires can save the usage of extra gas. Temperature changes can affect the pressure of the tire, with the timely inflated tires reduce friction and offer better mileage to save gas in your AC car.

7. Turn of the AC

Keeping your Car AC off as much as possible, as running the AC can increase the gas consumption. To control that you can open the windows, also leave the windows open when you first start your car. Further turn off the AC before you reach your destination. Regular Car AC Repair can improve the consumption of the gas in any old or modern car.  

8. Drive Manual

We all know that automatic transmission cars consume more gas and fuel than manual transmission cars. Drive one, shift up early and shift down late can help you in savings on gas. Shifting car into neutral saves the gas and reduces the strain on the manual transmission.  

9. Choose the Best Route

If you’re planning for the trip, just choose the route before you leave your place. Choose the route where you get the less traffic. In case, you get a traffic in your way choose GPS and take the alternative route. Keeping GPS with you can mitigate the risk of getting lost and wasting more gas. 

10. Take Good Care of your AC Car

We all know that the well maintained can tend to run more efficiently. Schedule timely engine servicing, change the filter, use the proper motor oil, regular car AC gas service, tire check-up and many more. It results in you extract better mileage out of your car and help to drive your gas expenses down. 

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